Munawar Faruqui won biggboss Season 17 Trophy

Munawar Faruqui won biggboss season 17 trophy

Munawar Faruqui Won Biggboss Season 17 Trophy

Munawar faruqui a stand-up comedian, singer, rapper and Shayri Master is now win the Biggboss Season 17 Trophy.

Munawar faruqui is already won an TV shows “Lock-Up” show. He now won 2nd Trophy of big reality shows. 

Biggboss season 17 hosted be Salman Khan and from many years Salman Khan is hosted biggboss show. The shows was biased as per Biggboss said.

Munawar faruqui has faced many challenges in this season not even from “Mohalle ke log” or his private/person life too. He faced both of them. He learn more from the biggboss house today. Know more about Munawar faruqui.

Munawar’s elder sister was there in Biggboss Season 17 grand finale with other contestant and their family. 

Other hands Abhishek kumar and his family pray for him to win this show but unfortunately he loss as per national audience’s vote.

Abhishek played very good in this season and people knows this season for Abhishek kumar’s dialog “Mein Aisa hi hu”. 

Munawar famous dialog for this season was “Tujhe mein tunnel tak chodke aounga lala”. 

What was giving to munawar Faruqui in winning prize?

munawar faruqui win biggboss 17 trophy

Munawar’s faruqui won the show of season 17 of Biggboss showed in colors channel or JioCinema. He won unique Trophy of this season including 50 lakhs of cheque and Hyundai creta car by Hyundai’s CEO Tarun Garg.

Before leaving the house “Mohalla of Biggboss”. For munawar and abhishek, Salman Khan hand over to biggboss for last conversation. Biggboss said “Before you all guys here in my mohalla, it was empty and then you guys were put an enter in this mohalla and made it with lightning now you 2s are here at tunnel point, where no body to join your last step to the tunnel. After you guys this mohalla become empty. Best of luck to you for spotting on grand finale’s stage with Salman Khan.

This Trophy comes because of Munawar’s cult fan base. Hope you knows about the winner of biggboss season 17 show. Encourage us by writing such informational content for you by comment below about munawar faruqui.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Munawar faruqui won the show of Biggboss season 17.

As per audience votes, Biggboss Season 17 Trophy was decided to go to Dongri. Munawar faruqui got very support from his fan and celebrities too.

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