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Facebook down

About Facebook down

Facebook is a platform where a user can make his profile and showcase his lifestyle. Facebook also offers to create a page in facebook’s inside dashboard. The purpose of facebook can be multiple; some can show his lifestyle, some can show his celebrity life, some can build their business (Which can be services and products). Mark Zuckerburg is the CEO of Facebook

Let’s come to the topics of facebook instagram taken down.

Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp now take down.

Facebook, instagram and whatsapp currently take down his server because of user data leaked from third parties as facebook concerned to his official sites. Facebook said approx 10 lakhs of user’s data now leaked from third parties’ companies. You are also unable to login instagram as of now when facebook is taken down.

We suggest you disallow the permission to all applications which aren’t in use. Your data is important to your life as well as a hacker. Hacker can use your data for his income.

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