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donald trump

Net Worth in Dollars

~ 4.5 Billions USD


Donald Trump



Date of Birth

14, June 1946




Business Man or former President of US



Net Worth in Rupees

~Rs 20,530 Crores


United States

About Donald Trump

donald trump's early life

Donald John Trump, often simply referred to as Donald Trump, is a prominent figure in American politics and business. Born on June 14, 1946, in Queens, New York City, he has had a multifaceted career that spans real estate, entertainment, and politics. Trump’s unique and controversial approach to leadership has made him one of the most polarizing figures in recent American history. In this comprehensive overview, we will delve into various aspects of Donald Trump’s life, including his early years, personal life, political career, lifestyle, net worth, and conclude with an analysis of his impact on the United States and the world.

Early Life

Donald Trump was born in the family of real estate development. Fred Trump, his father, was a renowned real estate entrepreneur, and Mary Anne MacLeod Trump, his mother, was a Scottish immigrant. Trump grew up in Queens, New York, in a comfortable home, and he attended the Kew-Forest School before transferring to the New York Military Academy at the age of 13. His time at the military academy is often credited with instilling discipline and leadership skills in him.

After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Finance and Commerce with a degree in economics in 1968, Trump joined his father’s real estate business, the Trump Organization. Under Fred Trump’s guidance, he learned the ropes of the real estate industry. Check out: Amitabh Bachchan

Personal Life

donald trump's family photo

Donald Trump has been married three times. His first marriage to Ivana Trump produced three children: Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric. His second marriage, to Marla Maples, resulted in one daughter, Tiffany. He married his current wife, Melania Trump, in 2005, and together they have one son, Barron.

Throughout his life, Trump has been a prominent figure in the New York City social scene. He was known for his appearances at high-profile events and social gatherings. Before his foray into politics, Trump also had a presence in the entertainment industry, making appearances in films, television shows, and even hosting the reality TV show “The Apprentice” for 14 seasons.

Business Career

Donald Trump’s business career is perhaps the most prominent aspect of his life before entering politics. He played a pivotal role in expanding the Trump Organization, which his father founded. Under his leadership, the company engaged in various real estate ventures, including the construction of luxury residential buildings, hotels, and golf courses.

One of his most iconic real estate projects is Trump Tower, a mixed-use skyscraper located in Manhattan. Trump Tower, completed in 1983, houses luxury condominiums, commercial space, and Trump’s own lavish penthouse. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Trump continued to expand his real estate empire, which included properties in New York City, Atlantic City, and other parts of the United States.

However, Trump’s business career has also faced its fair share of controversies, including bankruptcies related to some of his ventures, which raised questions about his financial acumen. Nevertheless, he continued to brand himself as a successful businessman and entrepreneur. Check out: Shah Rukh Khan

Political Career

donald trump's political career

Donald Trump’s entry into politics marked a significant shift in his public persona. He had flirted with the idea of running for political office in the past but officially entered the political arena when he announced his candidacy for the presidency of the United States in 2015 as a Republican candidate.

His presidential campaign was marked by unconventional tactics and rhetoric. He promised to “Make America Great Again” and focused on issues such as immigration, trade, and economic policy. His unfiltered communication style, often delivered through Twitter, earned him both ardent supporters and fierce critics.

Despite facing a crowded field of Republican contenders, Trump secured the party’s nomination and went on to face Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. To the surprise of many, he won the Electoral College vote and was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States on January 20, 2017.

During his presidency, Trump implemented a range of policies, including tax cuts, deregulation, and appointments to federal courts. He also pursued a more assertive foreign policy stance, renegotiating trade agreements and taking a tough stance on issues such as North Korea and Iran.

However, his presidency was marked by controversy and division. His handling of issues such as immigration, healthcare, and the response to the COVID-19 pandemic drew both praise and criticism. The Trump administration’s immigration policies, including the separation of families at the border, were particularly contentious. Check out: Salman Khan


Donald Trump has long been associated with a lavish and opulent lifestyle. His personal residences, including Trump Tower in Manhattan and Mar-a-Lago in Florida, are known for their extravagance. Mar-a-Lago, in particular, is a private club and resort that has hosted numerous events and gatherings during Trump’s presidency.

Trump’s lifestyle has also been characterized by his love for golf. He owns several golf courses around the world, including New Jersey, Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster and Trump Turnberry in Scotland. Golf has been both a leisure activity and a business venture for him.

As a public figure, Trump’s lifestyle was often scrutinized. His fashion choices, including his distinctive hairstyle, were frequently discussed in the media. Additionally, his presence on social media platforms, especially Twitter, allowed him to communicate directly with the public and express his opinions on a wide range of topics. Check out: Hrithik Roshan

Donald Trump’s Net Worth

donald trump's net worth


Donald Trump


Business Man & Politics

Net Worth in USD

$4.5 Billions

Net Worth in INR

20,530 Crores

Last Updates


According to Forbes, Trump’s net worth fluctuated over the years, peaking at around $4.5 billion in 2015. However, other sources, such as Bloomberg, have estimated his wealth to be significantly lower, around $2.5 billion. Much of his wealth has been tied to his real estate holdings, branding deals, and licensing agreements. Check out: Ajay Devgn


Donald Trump is a complex and divisive figure who has made his imprint on American politics and society. His rise from a real estate mogul and television personality to the highest office in the land is a testament to his ability to tap into the frustrations and aspirations of a major segment of the American populace.

Throughout his career, Trump has been both admired and reviled, often simultaneously. His unorthodox style, provocative rhetoric, and willingness to challenge established norms have reshaped American politics and prompted discussions about the future direction of the country.

While his presidency ended in January 2021, the impact of Donald Trump’s tenure in office continues to be felt in the United States and around the world. His legacy is a topic of ongoing debate, and his influence on the Republican Party and the broader political landscape remains a subject of great interest and scrutiny. As the years go by, historians and political analysts will continue to assess the lasting effects of the Trump era on American politics and society.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Donald trump’s age is now 77 years old.

As per the Forbes report, Donald Trump’s net worth was $2.1 Billion Dollars in 2015, and in 2023 his net worth is estimated $4.5 Billion dollars.

Donald trump was the 45th president of the United States.

250 Crores USD, Last updated 2023

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