CM Ashok Chavan, former maharashtra, joined BjP

CM Ashok Chavan joined BjP

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CM Ashok Chavan

CM Ashok Chavan said “he is starting a new beginning”. In Congress, After 38 years of political career, I took this decision to join the BjP”, I look forward to new innings with a positive mind, and development agenda in mind.”

Just a day ago ashok chavan, Former CM of Maharashtra, left the congress party, and Joined BjP Party on Tuesday. As he said “There are new futures, let start from here new innings”.

CM Ashok Chavan searve Chief Minister duty of Maharashtra from 2008 to 2010.

Ashok said Ashok said “he would contribute to the economy as well as to the state under the PM narendra modi”

Even when he was in congress, the relationship with opponent parties and leaders were always friendly. He further said “It has been the tradition of Maharashtra”.

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